Picking a Name

When my son asks me how we came up with his name, I won’t have a good story for him. I came up with Starlin because Starlin Castro is a baseball player that was on my fantasy team and it sounds like a guy who can play ball. I came up with the middle name Dominic because Dominic was always the cool kid growing up. He had all the newest clothes, wore an earring, had a $50 bill in his Velcro wallet, and was always on a skateboard.

He’d skate by my house and hand me some illegal fireworks, “Here’s some firecrackers. Have fun, but be careful. Listen man, I have to jet.” Then he’d take off. He was always going somewhere. I’d yell, “Where you going Dominic?! I want to go...” Then he’d slowly disappear into the sunset. I knew him, but I wasn’t friends with him. I wanted to be, but I wasn’t. I have so many Facebook friends and zero of them are named Dominic.

Robert OmotoComment