Salt in the Game

The most salt that got thrown in my game ever, happened in college at a party at my house on Halloween. I was dressed up as Jack, from Jack in the Box. I even had the ridiculously oversized head.

I was talking with a group of friends holding the Jack in the Box head under my arm and this random blacked out drunk girl confused me with her ex-boyfriend screamed, “You said you loved me!” and slapped me. Everyone at the party stopped. Then she ran off crying.

All the girls stared at me like I was an asshole. The rest of the party they kept asking, “Why is your girlfriend so mad at you?” I kept saying, “I don’t even know her!” They’d say, “Uggghhh. Don’t be like that, you’re just emotional right now.”

I was sitting in the corner pissed and some girl tried to sympathize, “It’s okay. I get into arguments with my boyfriend too.” I looked forward and said, “I don’t know the woman.” She said, “that’s how I feel about my boyfriend because we’ve both changed so much. I feel like I don’t know him, but I do. You’ll work it out. You both love each other.”

I was so mad. Now that’s what I think about every time I go to Jack in the Box. I stare off in a daze, the cashier thinks I’m contemplating what to order, but I’m really just reminiscing about the time I got slapped while wearing a stupid halloween costume.

Robert OmotoComment