I hate famous people who act too famous. I was at a casino in Las Vegas at a black jack table and Rihanna was walking down the aisle being escorted by five security guards in black suits. They kept yelling, “clear the way! Get out of the aisle! Move!” Completely unnecessary. Nobody was even in her way and people wouldn’t have noticed her if they weren’t yelling like that.

Fans started screaming her name, but she kept ignoring everyone, trudging forward, head down, becoming annoyed with all the attention she created. I decided I’d say something to get her attention, so I pointed and yelled, “holy shit! It’s Jay-Z!!” She stopped, turned around, looked at me confused, and I said, “yup, there’s people more famous than you.” She got pissed and stormed off.

A few seconds later this guy ran up all excited and said, “Jay-Z is here??” I pointed in Rihanna’s direction and said, “he’s right over there!” and he took off running. I turned back around to the black jack table and the dealer said, “would you like to double down?” I believe I already have sir.

Robert OmotoComment