Taco Salad

I may have a tendency to overreact in small situations. I went to the cafe below my work and ordered a taco salad. They gave it to me and I started walking back to the office. I opened it up and there was no lettuce. Just chips, salsa, meat, and sour cream. Which is basically nachos, but there wasn’t even cheese. So they couldn’t be nachos. No one orders nachos and says, “hold the cheese.” Then you’re just ordering chips asshole.

I was confused. Maybe they changed it and there’s no lettuce now, but then it’s not a salad either. I lifted up the meat with a chip and saw four strands of lettuce. Then I thought, maybe they cut back on the amount of lettuce and hid it under the meat. Why should I have to dig through meat and search for lettuce? I asked my co-worker at the elevator and she said, “there should be lettuce, go back and get some.”

I started walking, but then I realized I don’t want to be the guy I’d hate. I’m not gonna walk to the front of the line, look like I cut, ask for lettuce, while the people behind me are getting pissed. They’ll go back to their office and talk about the guy holding up the line to ask for lettuce on his nachos. They probably would have thrown the lettuce on top of everything, now I have to dig back through the lettuce to even get to a chip, like it’s an egg at the bottom of a god damn Easter basket. I’m not a puppet on your strings. I just went back upstairs to eat my chips and salsa.

Robert OmotoComment