Rich Guy's House

I get impressed by the simplest things in life. I went to this rich guy’s house, nicest place I have ever been in by far. The house was huge, wine cellar that had to have thousands of bottles in it, white marble floors, ridiculous bar area, cigar lounge, $2 million worth of cars, and then he handed me some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups out the refrigerator.

Everyone started asking questions about the house. The statues that lit up as torches, the crazy security system with cameras everywhere, then he hit a button and the stove came out of the counter. I interrupted. Wait a minute, “you just keep these Reese’s in the fridge? So simple, yet so amazing. ” Someone said, “out of everything you’ve seen, that is what you’re impressed with?” I said, “yeah, I’m never gonna own a Lamborghini or wine cellar like this guy. But the Reese’s thing I am doing as soon as I get home.”

Robert OmotoComment