To Catch a Predator

I was watching the show To Catch a Predator on NBC. My favorite episode was when this guy walked into the house completely naked and Chris Hansen comes out and says, "grab that towel and sit down. What are you doing here?  She’s fourteen."  The naked man named Marvin nervously replied, "can I have a glass of water?" You know you’re about to hear some bull shit when someone stalls for time like that.  I do the same thing with my girlfriend.  She'll scream at me, "where you been all night?!!"  I'll take a dramatic pause, look down, and say, "hold on, let me get a glass of water."  As I begin to formulate an elaborate lie, which will inevitably get broken down like a cardboard box. 

Marvin takes a sip and says, “What was the question again?” Chris Hansen doesn't seem impressed and asks, "Why are you naked?"  Marvin answers with out hesitation, "I just got done tanning." Chris Hansen shakes his head, "Tanning huh? Let me ask you something, what did you bring with you?"  Marvin confidently responds, "condoms and a whipped cream, but I always carry those just in case. Even when I’m just going to get gas." Chris Hansen sighs, "let me ask you something, what was the plan with the cat? I mean it says here in the transcripts of the chat room you wanted to have sex with her, while she's having sex with the cat and to use the whip cream?" 

Marvin obviously has never owned any pets.  Does this idiot have any idea what whipped cream would do to a cats fur?  People like him make me sick.  This story hits far too close to home...not because I have a daughter, but because I have a cat.

Robert OmotoComment