I may have appeared to be a pedophile one time. I was at the park by the public pool and wondered how many laps it took to swim a mile, so I Googled it. I had just got done running so I was sitting there for a while looking at the pool before I realized I'm a man in his thirties with his shirt off watching kids swim, looking up stuff on my phone, but it probably looked like I was recording them. 

As soon as I realized this, the lifeguard looked at me I and by a nervous reaction I looked away.  I also frantically put my phone in my pocket.  He continued to stare at me and I was tempted to ask him a question, but I didn't want to get closer to the children so I took off running.  This probably looked like I was guilty. It wasn't like I could yell to him, "Hey, just in case you were wondering... I was not taping these kids swimming."  Everyone in the pool would have looked over at me simultaneously in disgust.

Even if I was recording them, maybe it was because one of the kids had good form on his breast stroke and I wanted to tape it so I could practice later.  Maybe I have a triathlon next month and I just lost my job due to accusations of embezzling money.  I wasn't stealing the money for myself, I was sending it to a random person who messaged me on Facebook. They were stuck in another country and asked for my help so I wired them $10,000.  Did I know the person? No, but that's not the point.  I was being a good Samaritan.  As a result I do not have Wi-Fi in my apartment, so no access to YouTube.  You want me to go into open water unprepared and possibly drown? 

Robert OmotoComment