Breaking Down at Denny's

I enjoy finding out about someone’s personal problems out of nowhere. I was eating at a Denny's with some friends and we were all sharing food. My friend Chris was picking food off the sampler plate. When the bill came we split it evenly, but he didn’t put any money in.

He said, “I didn’t order anything.” I replied, “yeah, but you were eating off the sampler plate. Just put a something in.” He argued, “If I would have known, I wouldn’t have eaten anything.” I said, “just leave the tip.”

He finally just broke down, “alright you guys...I got fired from my job today! Is that what you wanted to hear? They found me sleeping on a couch.” I was said, “Jesus man, they fired you for that?” He looked down and mumbled, “it was the third time they caught me doing that this month.”

Robert OmotoComment