Running Trail Serial Killer

I was running down a trail in San Diego that had a big curvy hill and led to what looked like a forest. I assumed if I kept running down the trail, I would 100% be attacked by a mountain lion. 

Instead, I decided to work out by running up the hill with a big rock I found. As I was running up the hill with the rock over my head two women came around one of the curves, their dog barked at me, and they screamed. I thought, "holy shit, it looks like I'm trying to hit them with this rock. So I threw it down and said sorry." I thought, "I was here first...I'm being paranoid, but if I pick the rock back up and run down the hill it will look like I'm some psycho chasing them with it."

I decided to try running down the trail again, but nobody else was on it. I thought, "this would be the perfect place for a serial killer to murder someone." This crazy looking dude started walking down the trail towards me. I thought, "this dude ain't taking me to his basement, putting an apple in my mouth, and killing me. If he tries anything, I'm bashing his head in with that rock." 

Knowing my luck, the two women would come walking back down the trail as I'm smashing his head in and they'd take off running. Then I'd have to chase them, covered in blood yelling, "it's not what it looks like! He was gonna kill me!"

Robert OmotoComment