Next show is July 11th, 2019 at 8:00 PM at the Flamingo House!

My name is Robert “Bobby” Omoto and I am a stand-up comedian out of Sacramento, California and envisioned putting together a ridiculously entertaining show with comedians who would not normally be on the same lineup. My goal is to provide people with an experience they would never forget. A lot of my friends and family (including myself) have kids, so I know that planning a night out has to be worth it.  I am always able to personally guarantee an amazing night worth getting a babysitter, coming straight from work, in order to see some of the best up and coming comedians in the country. “Bobby’s World” provides raw, unapologetic, hilarious comedy in a beautiful setting with delicious food, and even better drinks. Scroll down to read more about the comedians who will be on the show, or click the link below to buy tickets!!!

Featured Comedian: Dauood Naimyar

(3rd Place in SF International Comedy Competition & SF Sketchfest)

Born with a foreign name in an American country (America), Dauood Muhammad Naimyar learned the value of assimilating at a very young age. Because of this, he tried his best to not be different but failed at every encounter. Once he embraced his eccentric point of view, he saw the humor all around him. Dauood’s comedic perspective is shaped by the duality of his constant need to fit in, and his relentless desire to be different. His search for being relatable yet controversial has brought audiences joy for six years--and will probably continue until he finally figures out who he is. We hope he doesn’t, 'cause bills need to be paid. 

Headliner: Anthony K (Krayenhagen)

(Finalist at the Big Sky Comedy Festival and Pandora Radio)

Modesto-area favorite Anthony K is a comic whose star is on the rise. Raised without a father and something of a know-it-all in school, he credits comedians like Roseanne Barr, Patrice O'Neal and Jim Norton for helping to raise him and plant the comedic seed into his DNA. Once he found a local open mike, it wasn't long before Anthony K found his own voice in stand-up comedy—a voice that is equal parts wry, sarcastic, improvisational, original, and hilarious.