I was leaving a coffee shop late one night and saw a pretty girl walking by herself towards me down an alley. I have a younger sister, so it concerned me she was walking alone this late.  When she got near me I said, "hey, you shouldn't be walking all alone at night.  It's not safe." Then I realized what I looked like: jittery from 5 cups of coffee, wearing a backpack, and black hoodie down a dark alley. She looked at me terrified and took off running. Not the reaction I was looking for, I was just trying to help.

I thought great...she's gonna call the cops and they're never gonna believe I was just trying to give this girl sound advice. So naturally I freaked out and took off running down the alley in the opposite direction. Which in hindsight was probably not the best move, since it made me look more guilty.  Until this day, I imagine her telling people about the time she almost got sexually assaulted by a Mexican looking asian guy.