I hate when I'm bartending and girls ask me to take pictures, they're never good enough. They always say, "Can you take another one?" Bitch I took it right, you just need to get more sleep and your friend has a lazy eye. Plus I have a sister, so I know you need to get your hair dyed again the roots have grown out over two inches.  No need to tip me, just get that shit fixed.

Why are you asking me to take your dumb-ass picture while I'm pouring another customer a drink anyways?  That seems kind of rude, doesn’t it?  I also hate the fact that I am Asian in this situation because people assume I know how to take good pictures. Well I don’t.  Every time I take pictures I get my feelings hurt when I hand the camera back and they look at their blurry face in disappointment.  I don't need that emotional stress, you fuckers can ask someone else. 

Robert OmotoComment