I don't give a shit about Miley Cyrus or the VMA's, all I know is they had to practice that performance. Which means they pre-ordered those stupid pink bear costumes.  Meaning someone in her crew had to search the internet and look at multiple sites because you don't buy off the first bear costume distributor you find, you compare pricing. 

Then a different person had to get the cost of purchasing those stupid outfits approved.  Then about ten people had to get fitted, practice kicking in the bear costume with a choreographer (because that's all they did), and then her manager watched the rehearsal on video and said, "Yup...let's go with this.  Wait...tell Miley she needs to thrust her hips more and have one of those fake hands they use during football games.  There's no way Justin Timberlake will want to perform after this."

Robert OmotoComment